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March 10-12, 2016Dayspring Youth Conference with Robby Dawkins
July 29-31, 2016Theresa Dedmon Creativity Conference
Sept 2016Heidi Baker Conference

Testimony: Healing

“You and me, Lord,
we’ve got this. I’m good.”
A tumor was growing in my throat, but I had learned to trust the Lord through health issues. I had received my share of bad doctor reports, and God had always brought me through. A year before doctors had found a new mass on my thyroid. Each ultrasound confirmed what I could feel every time I swallowed: the tumor was growing.
When I told God, “I’m good,” I was not just saying, “I trust You, Lord,” but I was saying I didn’t need the prayers of others. That Sunday in October of 2015 I heard Him answer me, “No, you’re not good - you need this body. You need My bride. I did not call you to be self-sufficient.” So I swallowed my independence and went forward for prayer. When John & Joyce Clouse prayed for me, I felt a peace, an assurance that I was not in this battle alone.
The next day at DSSM (Dayspring School of Supernatural Ministry), the speaker gave the invitation for those who needed prayer. I thought, “Lord, I did that yesterday, I’m good.” I heard, “I told you, I have placed healing in the body.” He showed me different people in the room, and I heard, “There is healing in him. There is deliverance in her...” I went to Karen Banta, and as she prayed, the Spirit came on me so heavily  that I had to sit down, then lie down. While she prayed I felt heat in my throat.
Cristi Harris came over and told me , “You have something to declare.” So I declared how the king lowered his scepter for Esther, a sign of his mercy. I spoke, “He was saying no to death - ‘Life is granted!’” In that moment I swallowed, and realized that I had no obstruction or pressure in my throat!
That week I realized I had none of the usual symptoms of thyroid issues - sweating, heart palpitations, or rapid weight loss and gain. Friday of that week I went in for a biopsy, but the doctor could not find the tumor - only a shadow where it had been. They never did the biopsy - there was no tissue mass to investigate. I had been coming to see the doctor every three weeks. Now he asked me, “Would you like to set an appointment for six months out?” Since that time I have had no problem with my thyroid.
- Amanda Snead


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